Brian Kahler brings media skills to FFCBC

By Bud Edwards

Brian is the newest member of the FFCBC board of directors having attended his first meeting February 21st.

“As one who has chosen Fort Frances as home, it is difficult to not get swept up in the community spirit and energy that the Canadian Bass Championship brings to the area every year” Brian explained.

“Although I have enjoyed wetting the occasional fishing line, my purpose in volunteering for the Bass Championship is not because of fishing, but because of the superb camaraderie and dedication the event generates while pulling the community for one extended weekend”.

“With a media background, my personal goal is to communicate, not just the results of a fishing tournament, but the importance of this exceptional community festival and the contribution it makes to the residents of the district and all of Northwestern Ontario”.

“The Director of Media Relations must facilitate this opportunity to puff out our chests, be proud of our community and tell the rest of the world what we can do and what we have to offer”.

Brian quickly discovered how many media projects are underway and the full scope of his portfolio. At the top of the list are the publication of the twelve page newsletter by the end of March; the complete redesign of the tournament website; working with the International Falls tournament media director Laurel Beager and contributing ideas and solutions to help FFCBC recover from the news that the application for a lottery license has been denied by the Province after nine years of successful operations.